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To view or print your paperwork from an order that has shipped from the lab, log into the Photographer's Gateway

To fill out a Correction Request Form Log into the Photographer's Gateway


Account Application

Package Template Setup

Use this packet at the start of each season to set up your package definition templates. Instructions are included.

Online Ordering Setup

Use this packet to set up online ordering for your account, your package definition templates, and each proof order submitted to the lab.

Booklet Setup Specs

Production Order Form (UC-1)

On Underclass orders, this form is used to recap requirements for each school, such as shipping, package content, services, etc. Use one form per order.

Composite Worksheet (UC-2)

This form provides us with Classroom Composite information such as size, titling, background choice, etc.

Group Titling Worksheet (UC-3)

This form is used for named titling on groups, detailing school name, common and specific titling.

Titled Group Name List (UC-5)

This for is used as a runsheet showing shoot order and group printing quantities. Use required number of forms for CD's used.

ID Card Order Form (UC-7)

This form will provide the necessary information needed to produce ID cards for your school shoot.

Sports & Prom Worksheet (SP-1)

This form is used as a cover sheet for your sports runsheets, which contain information on package content, packaging, etc. Use one form per order.

Runsheet (SP-2)

This form will detail package needs on a frame per frame basis, with every frame accounted for. Use one form for each CD.

Add-ons (SP-4)



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