Package Printing

Package Prints are a great and cost effective way to meet the needs of your school, sports and event photography. Used in conjunction with our free software, you can rapidly and accurately prepare your order for volume printing.

This pricing is for volume package printing including underclass, sports, special events and groups. We have two price classes - Best Value Pricing and Standard Pricing. To qualify for our Best Value Pricing, you must enter your own packages and information in ROES (sorry, no packaging is available when using ROES), our free ordering software (DUC or DSAP), or other lab approved software. Your images must not need color correction and no service items, styles or add-ons can be ordered. This pricing is available ONLY for orders that need package or group units. Your studio will be responsible for all color and cropping of images. "Best Value Prints" must be marked on your envelope or marked in special instructions on upload form.

 Standard Pricing will apply to all other package printing orders. You will need to enter your packages and information into one of our free ordering software programs (DUC or DSAP) or other lab approved software and your images will be color corrected with an average call. If orders are not entered using lab approved software or need individual color correction, please see additional fees in the Package Services section. There are no additional charges for wallet overlays, names on styles, styles, cropping or data entry when orders are entered in provided software.


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