Reorder Program


We have options available to you for your sports and underclass reorder programs. If you are interested in our reorder program listed below, please contact Christi Smith to set up your account.

Lab Reorder Plan for Sports/Underclass:
In this plan, we will hold your images and take care of placing, printing and shipping all reorders and corrections. We will insert a reorder form in each of your sports/underclass packages.
Each form has a picture printed on it along with the order, roll and frame for identification.  Each form is available at no charge.
The reorder prices and add-ons available to your customers are set by the lab and are the same for anyone who uses this program.
You will receive 25% of the package revenue of each reorder placed.
Any correction sent in due to a photographer’s error will be charged back to your account: $3.00 lookup fee, $3.00 shipping, $.95 per unit. CR Form must be marked “Photographer Correction”. If not marked, late order pricing will be charged.
Late orders will be billed out as follows: $3.00 Look-up fee, $3.00 shipping, $1.90 per unit. CR form must be marked as “Late Order”.  

Buys only are printed by request only. If you would like the 4x10 print with the safety card printed on no buys, the cost is 15¢ each. Unless otherwise indicated, no buys will get a "It's Not Too Late" form.

All images will be posted to reorder web site, with their own unique username and password.

To use the interactive form for corrections/late orders:
1) Log into the photographers gateway using your account number and password.

2) Select the corrections forms link on the left and fill out all the information on the form.

3) Press the send button and the correction information will be sent in directly to the lab.

4) A $7.50 lookup fee will apply for incomplete form area.

5) You may monitor the movement of these corrections on the web site.

You can also send you in your CR forms by mail.

If your package includes a group or digital memory mate, you must provide information for both the individual and the group. If you do not a $7.50 lookup fee will be applied.